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Welcome to the office of Chiropractor Dr. Frank Hildebrandt. Dr. Hildebrandt has practiced the healing art of Chiropractic for many years. His treatments are performed not only to quickly relieve your pain and discomfort, but also to help you to understand your pain conditions in context with a larger vision of optimal health. With this approach, you become a partner in your own healing, not only eliminating your pain but restoring your overall quality of life.

The first voice you will hear when communicating with our office is Lori Moon. She is a wealth of chiropractic and natural health knowledge who can answer most questions about care.


Lori Moon

Lori Moon

As the first and last point of contact at Westmount Chiropractic, Lori Moon plays a key role in ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of each and every client. "I take great pleasure in assisting our patients on their path to achieve wellness" she says, drawing on a wealth of experience and education that allow her to do just that.

Lori is a graduate of the Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation of Texas where she gained advanced knowledge in office administration, chiropractic principles, and treatment procedures. She’s applied this knowledge in the role of Chiropractic Office Coordinator for over 25 years, with 8 of those years spent at Westmount Chiropractic. Her longstanding commitment to Dr. H and his team has made her smiling face and helpful disposition a staple that patients look forward to and rely on.

Upon being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12, Lori wanted to find a way to manage her spinal health through natural remedies and supplements. After personally discovering the benefits of massage and chiropractic treatments, pursuing a career in that area was a natural step. Lori knows first-hand that "chiropractic treatment isn’t limited to ‘sore backs and bones’, but rather, is a pathway to the nervous system and its relationship within the body" – and this is exactly the kind of information she takes pride in sharing with patients.

In her spare time, Lori enjoys taking long walks with her dogs Lulu and Daisy, and attending live music events – two things she feels are simply, good for the soul.

* Biography for L. Moon written by Genna Conte